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As a leading ob/gyn in Brighton Beach, Downtown Brooklyn and throughout the Brooklyn, NY, area, Dr. Nitkin provides women with a comprehensive array of family planning options so they can select the option that's right for their needs and preferences.

Family Planning Specialist

What is family planning?

Family planning includes all the guidance, procedures and treatments that are available to help you decide when you want to start a family, including birth control options and pregnancy termination. It can also include pre-pregnancy counseling and testing to ensure you're as healthy as possible prior to becoming pregnant and to screen for genetic issues and risk factors that could have an effect on your pregnancy.

What happens during an IUD placement procedure?

IUDs are small, T-shaped devices that are implanted into the uterus to help prevent pregnancy. They're placed inside the uterus during a simple procedure that's similar to a regular gynecological exam. During the procedure, you'll lie on your back on the exam table and a speculum will be used to gently widen the vagina. The IUD will be gently inserted through your cervix and into the uterus. IUDs have a long, plastic “tail” that hangs down. Before having sex, feel for this tail to ensure the IUD is securely in place.

How does an IUD work?

There are two primary ways an IUD can work to prevent pregnancy: Some IUDs use copper to make the uterine environment inhospitable for sperm; others use hormones to achieve the same effect.

What happens during a diaphragm fitting?

Diaphragms are worn over the cervix, the opening of the uterus. They're use din combination with a spermicide to help kill sperm and prevent it from entering the uterus. Different sizes of diaphragms are available to ensure the best fit possible. The fitting takes just a few minutes. A speculum will be used to widen your vagina, and diaphragms will be “tried on” to find the perfect fit. Before leaving the office, you'll have a chance to put the diaphragm in place to make sure you feel comfortable inserting it and understand how to insert it properly.

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