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Leon Nitkin, MD

Gynecologist & OB-GYN located in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY & New York, NY

Dr. Nitkin offers safe, confidential abortion services for women from Brighton Beach and Downtown Brooklyn, and throughout the Brooklyn, NY area, providing skilled, compassionate care that enables women to take control of their health and their lives.

Abortions Specialist

What types of abortion options are available?

Through our Safe Option program, we offer both the RU486 “abortion pill” and traditional surgical procedures so women have a choice about their care. All procedures are overseen by a board-certified ob/gyn with 25 years of experience so women can feel confident in their care every step of the way, from the initial consultation all the way through the followup exam. In traditional surgical procedures, anesthesia is provided by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

How can I tell whether the pill or surgery is better for me?

The abortion pill can only be used in the early stages of pregnancy, usually up to about seven weeks. If you're farther along in your pregnancy, surgery is typically the preferred option. Most patients who are able to take the pill are very satisfied with their experience and the ability to avoid having a surgical procedure. However, surgical procedures performed in our facility are safe and painless, and they do provide an excellent option for women for whom the pill is not an ideal choice.

How can I tell if my procedure was effective?

Once your surgical procedure is complete or within 48 hours of taking the pill, you'll have a sonogram, or ultrasound, to evaluate your uterus and ensure the procedure was effective. The post-surgical ultrasound is an essential part of your followup care, so don't be tempted to skip it.

What should I do after my procedure?

In addition to your post-surgical ultrasound, it's a good idea to take your temperature two to three times daily for a week to ensure you aren't developing an infection, which is extremely rare. Call the office if:

  • you begin passing clots;

  • you have no bleeding but feel bloated;

  • you continue to have pregnancy-related symptoms like breast tenderness of nausea for more than three days after your procedure.

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