Labiaplasty who needs it? How is it done?

The subject surrounding the shape and size of genitals is not the easiest for many women to discuss even with a trusted physician.  Below I will list some facts to keep in mind when considering undergoing this procedure. 

Labiaplasty is intended to reduce physical discomfort that women may have at the time of physical activities, exercise or just wearing tightly fitting shorts and swimsuits.  It may lessen intimate discomfort and inflamation as a result of labial redundancy and simplify intimate hygiene.  Most importantly, it may significantly improve self-image and eliminate fears of rude and vulgar comments that may come from a sexual partner.  It is especially true in the case of teenagers and young women that may avoid intimacy and suffer emotionally because of poor self image.

The procedure is performed in an ambulatory setting with the participation of an Anesthesiologist.  The extent of the reduction must be marked by a surgeon and approved by the woman before starting the procedure.  The procedure takes about an hour.  The removal of the clitoral hood must be discussed in the  planning stage.

Post operative discomfort can be reduced by painkillers (ex: Tramadol) taken shortly before surgery.  Oral hemostatic medication (ex: Lysteda) may also be given before surgery may reduce blood loss and  risk of post operative hematoma. Topical spray Dermoplast, is an antiseptic and anesthetic is excellent for post-op care  and can be followed by triple antibiotic ointment, after gentle shower of operated area, applied twice daily. Profilactic oral antibiotics may be ordered for 7 days.

Delayed absorbtion sutures must be kept for 4 weeks and usually need no removal. Tramadol may need to be taken for few days after surgery.  Bed rest is recommended after the procedure generally consisting of 48-72 hours post-op.  Taking your daily tempereture and watching for hematoma formation is a common sense step.  The post-op vist is usually scheduled for 7-10 days following the procedure.   A well performed procedure may eliminate physical discomfort and greatly boost a woman's self-image.


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Leon Nitkin, M.D. I offer a full range of GYN services and limited obstetric care. I specialize in the provision of services for gynecological plastic, including narrowing of vagina and labia reduction; Cervical Cancer Immunizations (HPV Immunizations - GARDASIL) and have extensive experience in treatment of Uterine Fibroids - therapeutic and surgical. Our primary focus is your comfort with a female physician assistant on staff and a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for procedures.

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