If a woman has dark and "frothy," urine does she need antibiotics?

In the vast majority of cases a combination of dark colored urine with a  bubbly layer indicates under hydration and reflects a need to increase water intake.  Among otherwise healthy women, bubbly urine especially in the morning when urine is usually concentrated does not indicate serious health problems. 

Usually, if the bubbles start to disintegrate in front of your eyes an infection is not likely.  Simply adding a glass or two of fluid to your intake will result in improvement.  Also, reducing the amount of meat, soy products and beans (which are among some of the major contributors of urea) in your diet will also greatly improve this issue. 

Dark and frothy urine should be taken in the context of other signs of bacterial infection, mainly painful frequent urination and fever.  A UTI is unlikely if these symptons are absent.  In case there are remaining doubts a “clean catch” urine analysis and culture can be done to avoid excessive treatment.


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